Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hop Rock Candy Mountain v2.0 - IPA

Born on July 4th 2012

Ladies and gentlemen,

After a somewhat lengthy beer outage due to a bummed glycol chiller we finally have a tasty beverage to present, chilled via cold water bath in a recirculation loop, attached to one lone tank. It's enough to get one beer back online and so it is, one beer only returns, for now.

The one and only Hop Mess Monster is holding her own, chained and sitting quietly at ambient temperatures awaiting her debut of relentless unforgiving mind-bending brutality to be unleashed. And unleash her we shall, soon.

Manufacture of our new glycol chiller is almost done in San Fran and will ship this coming Friday. We expect a week or more in transit then of course, on-site installation which may take a few days since we are re-locating the unit to the roof of the building.

On to the beer.....

Here we have an East Coast style India Pale Ale brewed with copious amounts of Citra and Columbus hops. A redux of a classic H&T brew from days gone past. The hefty melange of grains utilized in the brew lend some serious underlying malt balls, a candied-malt complexity that is like, well, a Hop-Rock-Candy-Mountain of goodness. I recommend getting on it, now.

On tap July 4th 2012 at 11:00 A.M.

Vital Stats:
Gravity – 16.3P/1.067
IBU's - 65
Hop Rate – 4.0 lbs/bbl
ABV - 7.8 %

Hops - Citra, Columbus
Colour – 6.8 SRM
Malts - Pale Ale, Melanoidin, Munich, Dextrin (CaraPils), Crystal 15

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